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Adding ChatWing To Your Website

How do I add ChatWing to my website?

To get started, Register a new account. Once you have created your ChatWing account, you will be able to customize your chatbox. Once you have done this, you will be given html code that you must embed on your website. You also can create and use a Custom URL link like: . Or a Popout Chat button like “Chat Now”.
Can I change the text color and size?

Yes, everything is customizable, log in and check it out
Can I change the background color?

Yes, you can use many of our existing designs or your own image.
Does Chatwing support

Yes, please read these Instructions


Does the chat application filter profanity?

You can create your own custom word filters for individual chats.
Does the chat application have any protection against spam?

Yes, we offer a system for chatbox admins to ban any spammers via IP address or Facebook or Twitter account. You can also add moderators and give them certain levels of access.
How can users sign in to the chat? Do users need to register?

Users do not need to register to join the chat. Users can sign in with Twitter, Facebook or as Guest. Guests can choose their name and avatar. You have the ability to choose which login options to offer such as only Facebook.
How many simultaneous chatters can Chatwing hold?

Does the chat application have any protection against spam or problematic users?

Yes, you can log in to your chatbox as admin and have the option to Ban individual users by clicking the "B" next to the problem guy message. You can also ban users via their Facebook or Twitter accounts and unban them from your Blacklist inside your dashboard.
Can I play music inside Chatwing?

Yes, we support MP3 URLs and adding more formats soon.
Can I upload an image as a background for my Chat?

Yes, but you have to upload it to a third party service and use the direct link.
Can I get my own chat URL Link like

Yes, you can get any custom link for each chat.
Is Chatwing secure?

Yes, you can enable SSL. However, you need to become a premium user in order to use this feature
Will Chatwing work on my Mobile device?

Yes, Chatwing is Android, Apple IOS, and Windows friendly.
What is Chatwing Network?

ChatWing Network allows your individual chat to become part of a "network" of other chatrooms together so users of everyone can communicate.
Why should I join a ChatWing Network?

Many websites do not have enough constant chatters to keep their Chatwing chat room active, by joining forces with other websites you will provide an active chat to your visitors.
Will I be able to delete messages in a network?

Yes, you can contact us and request to be a moderator of the chat network you are part of and then you will have these controls.
Am I able to ban and block other users chatting in the network?

Yes, you can contact us and request to be a moderator of the chat network you are part of and then you will have these controls.
How do i become a Moderator of the chat network I am part of?

Contact Chatwing direct with your chatbox url and the network you are part of and we will activate moderation controls.
Will my users know that this is part of a chat network?

No, users will simply have the ability to talk with more live chatters.
Can I leave the network I joined?

Yes, at any time you can log in to your dashboard and click "Leave" then your chat will only have chatters from your website.
Can I rejoin a network that I have left?

Yes, any time just log in to your dashboard and click "Join" the network you want to be part of.
Can I request you create a Chatwing Network around a new subject or for a specific language?

Yes, please contact us and let us know what topic network you would like.
Can I gather other websites based around a topic so we can all join together?

Sure, just let us know which subject network you would like to launch and we will prepare it for you.
Can I customize the look and feel of my Chatwing network chat widget?

Absolutely, you still have all the same customization options and features available.
Can I upload Video and Images into the chat or disable this feature?

Yes, you have complete control to allow this feature or not.
Can I see the users who are logged in?

Yes, using Chatroom theme you can see a roster of users.
Can I auto detect Links, Videos, and emails?

Yes, you have full control to enable any of these features.
Can I hide the number of users displayed?

Can I disable the Idel Timeout?

Yes, this is customizable, put to ZERO to disable.
Can I customize my Chatbox Away Message?

Yes, you can edit any text you would like.
Can I switch from a Chatroom Theme to a Chatbox Theme or the other way?

Yes, you can easily change your style.
Can I add Moderators to my Chatroom and how many?

Yes, you can add unlimited moderators, just make sure the email of the moderator registers before you add them.
Can I assign Moderators different levels of control, and what levels?

Yes, you can choose to allow moderators to delete messages, block users, and view user IP address or any combination of these.
Can I unban users who have aplogized?

Yes, you have full control in your dashboard.

Admin Controls

Can I delete chat messages?

Yes, you can log in to the chatbox as admin and live delete individual messages by clicking the trash icon.
Can I Turn Off my chatbox?

Yes, you can do it when customizing your chatbox
Can I delete all messages or the entire chat conversation?

Yes, you can do it in your admin panel
Can I unban users if they bow?

Yes, you can unblock anyone via your dashboard.
Can I limit the log in options to only Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, you can choose any combination of Facebook, Twitter and guest.

chatWING Advanced Chatbox (Paid Version)

Is the lite package really free?

Yes. Live Chat is one of the best ways to grow a fledgling website and community, one of our missions is to make Live Chat available to everyone. However, the feature set for the Lite package is limited. For example, you can not choose which of the 10 social login options (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, ect..) is permitted at any time (they all are active), and most customization options are disabled. Still, we have taken care to ensure that the Lite package is a very attractive and affordable option for sites of all size.
Are there bulk discounts?

Yes. Please contact our sales team at if you are planning to make a purchase of 10 chatboxes and above.
Can i change packages at anytime?

Absolutely! Simply upgrade or downgrade to the package of your choice at any time.
How does the lite free chatwing work?

After you create an account, you have instant access to all the Lite Chatwing features forever. You can upgrade at any time by visiting the change plan page. You don’t need a credit card for Chatwing Lite, so feel free to use it unlimited.
What happens i want to upgrade from free to advanced?

If you feel ready to buy a paid plan you can do so using a credit card or PayPal directly from your chatWING Dashboard.
Do I have to start with a free 7-day trial?

Yes, we firmly believe you should only pay for software once you are convinced of its value. The best way to ensure that Chatwing Live Chat is the best fit for your organization is through our full-featured 7-day trial. Over the course of the 7-day trial, you will also understand the feature set, and be better positioned to use the software for your needs.
What happens after the free 7-day trial?

During the 7-day trial, if you don't want to continue using our service, you can simply downgrade your chatbox to Lite package. However, after the trial, you will have to pay $11.20 per month to continue using our services. If during the month, you want to downgrade your chatbox, you will receive partial refund.

Blogging and Website Platform Implementations

Will ChatWing work on my website?

Basically, ChatWing will work on any website that supports iframe. ChatWing does not require Flash to be installed in order to function correctly
What are the current known supported platforms?

Chatwing supports over 100+ known platforms some of them include, Wordpress, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, Blogspot, TypePad, LiveJournal, Wix, Weebly, WetPaint, ESPN Fantasy Sports League Sites, Bligoo, WebNode, Lefora, Jimdo and many more.

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